Are forklifts your Achille’s heel during an OSHA inspection?

Recently, there were two articles in the local paper about companies being fined by OSHA, one involved lift equipment.

Let’s face it, forklifts and other material handling equipment can be a hassle.

Operators are not the most careful on the lifts. Unless there is a good safety program in place, the daily operator checklist can be pencil whipped and filed in a drawer with no supervisor oversight.  Read more

No Matter Your Forecast, Fleet Management May Save You a LOT of $

As an owner or operations manager dealing with material handling equipment, where do you go for answers in these scenarios? Scenario 1:  Orders are up, trends are in the company’s favor, the product is positioned right for steady growth and you are ready to take the leap; more space, more production lines, new docks for […]